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This is a simple unit for launching actionable notifications for gathering input from the user.

        Feature: Actionable Notification
          Actionable notifications for real time user input.
          User subscribes to notifications by clicking a button on a web page.

          Scenario: User subscribes to notifications
            When the user subscribes to notifications
            Then the user shall be sent notifications

          Scenario: User receives a notification
            Given the user receives a notification
            Then the user can respond to a notification

          # This needs to be better defined
          Scenario: User responds to notification
            Given the user responds to a notification
            When the response is received
            Then the response should be handled

          Scenario: User existence is being checked
            Given the user receives a notification asking if they're present
            Then the user can respond by clicking yes or dismiss

          Scenario: User does not respond to a notification
            Given the User has not responded to a notification in 10 seconds
            When the notification is of high priority
            Then the notification should be resent

          Scenario: User has completed a 5S cycle
            Given the user has Removed unnecessary items from each area

        Feature: Missions
          Scenario: Offer mission
            Given the agent is assigned a mission to accomplish
            Then the mission brief should include purpose, action, continuity plan and tracking data

          Scenario: Accept mission
            Given the user accepts a mission to "clean" at "14:00"
            Then the actual time of accepting the mission should be recorded
            And the mission duration is available via the $mission->getDuration() method

          Scenario: Complete the mission
            Given the user completes the mission
            Then the

          Scenario: Interrupt the mission
            Given the user interrupts the mission
            Then the user should be asked collect any waste

          Scenario: Cancel mission
            Given the user cancels the mission
            Then the mission should be canceled

        Feature: Objective

          Scenario: Day zero, no objectives are assigned
            Given the agent has no objectives
            Then the user given instruction on how to provide an objective

          Scenario: Set objective
            Given the user sets an objective
            purpose, action
            Then it should be captured when the user says "Set objective"

          Scenario Outline: eating
            Given there are  objectives
            When I finish  objectives
            Then I should have  objectives

              | start | finished | left |
              |     1 |        1 |    1 |
              |    12 |        5 |    7 |
              |    20 |        5 |   15 |

          Scenario: out of objectives
          Scenario: exhausted by objectives
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types of scenarios: human input, binary(yes/no), human response time,

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